We select our farmers with the utmost care and attention, always very attentive to the production techniques used and to the quality of their products.

They are not only local farmers, they are men and women who love and respect the Earth and who every day devote their energies to cultivatehealthy and genuine products, respecting the nature and far from modern models of mass production.

Who supports Biorfarm community will enter the family of each of them, as they sit at the table at their side and, drinking a glass of wine, know the history and work of those who produce the food that takes you to the table. A privilege reserved for a few.


We aim at creating the biggest shared farm in the world, where who produces food and who consumes are connected. In our vision of the future, people will no longer be passive consumers and small producers no more exploited by dishonest models. In our future anyone, wherever he is, can be an active part of the natural production of what he brings to the table

Biorfarm is the first virtual farming community born to revolutionize the relationship between people and the food. It is founded on two pillars, small producers and final consumers, focusses on making rediscover the contact with nature, enhancing the quality and traditions of small organic farmers while ensuring the creation of a more environmental and social perspective.


We believe that anyone from any part of the world can become a digital Farmer and rediscover the quality of the fresh production that our earth, cultivated with love, offers us.

We believe in the work of small farmers and in their efforts and in their battles in defense of traditions and nature. And we also believe they deserve a fairer compensation for the commitment the show daily in carinng of our Food.

We believe in a healthy and pesticide-free diet which must also be affordable for everyone.

We believe in everyone loving the environment, the promotion of biodiversity and the creation of a more sustainable model even from a social point of view, where human being and nature are once again part of one unique thing.

We believe in you supporting us day by day in our battles. you have our same dreams.



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