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The orchard absorbs over

82.250 Kg of CO2

In this orchard, are grown

100 Organic Trees

Biorfarm and Arrow Global

Adopting a tree: a small step for a big message dedicated to Earth

At Arrow Global, our ESG framework is integrated into all our activities and processes. Driven by this commitment, we established the Arrow Forest to help offset our carbon emissions.
On this page, you can track the trees we’ve adopted across Italy, with a particular emphasis on Emilia Romagna – a region impacted by floods, and Sicily, which faced devastating wildfires during the summer.
Through this initiative, we aim to support farmers in nurturing their crops, preserving the environment, and maintaining the natural balance of our ecosystem. Furthermore, the produce from the Arrow Forest will be generously donated to CAF Onlus, a non-profit organisation dedicated to assisting children and young adults who have suffered abuse.
This initiative underscores our commitment to sustainable corporate growth, aligned with environmental stewardship and community engagement.


Thanks to Arrow Global’s support

4 small Italian farmers have been supported!

    Arrow Global’s Orchard

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      * tons of co2 per year.

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